Bonded Storage

Bonded storage Temporary storage Customs inspection

Before releasing into free circulation cargoes must be stored in bonded warehouses. STERH Corporation offer storage services and handling of cargoes within bonded warehouses, which are in jurisdiction of the St. Petersburg Customs and the Central Excise Customs Office.

Temporary storage facilities fully comply with requirements applied by the Federal Customs Service of Russia for arrangement and equipment of bonded warehouses. It guarantees safekeeping of goods, prevents access of unauthorized persons and allows quality facilities to customs clearance of the goods. At bonded warehouses the modern electronic data system is used for cargoes and vehicles control and for transfer of preliminary information about imported goods to customs.

Temporary storage facilities are situated on the modern terminal near main highways of St.Petersburg. The traffic of goods from Finland is ensured the highway «Scandinavia». Also there is a junction with the ring road which allows to transit cargos directly from the port of St. Petersburg.