Warehouse facility Warehousing Car storage

STERH Corporation owns warehouse facilities, which allow offering best conditions of safekeeping and handling of goods.

A-class warehouse facilities dedicate for storage and handling of different type of goods with required temperature: from -24° C to +25° C. Dry and reefer warehouses are designed with an allowance for latest technologies in warehouse logistics. Warehouse management system controls the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and processes the associated transactions. WMS can be integrated with clients’ automation software. STERH Corporation’s warehouse facilities are situated near main highways of North-West Russia, have wide thoroughfares, waiting zones and parking lots for trucks and cars.

Within warehouses they make all handling activities day-and-night:

  • Loading/ unloading goods;
  • Picking and Packing;
  • Presale service and delivery to a production line, hypermarkets etc;
  • Labeling, Stickering;
  • Piece selection;
  • Handling of returned and damaged goods;
  • Cross docking.