Product certification

Product certification Getting different permissive documentation Phyto-sanitary and veterinary control

Particular products imported into the territory of the Russian Federation are subject to mandatory certification. Being one of methods of non-tariff control, certification of imported goods is designed to ensure access to the market only those products which comply with Russian standards and regulations.

Experts of STERH Corporation render their assistance in all types of certification, prepare full package of documents for certification and also organize an interaction with regulatory authorities.

The quality and safety of goods must be confirmed by these documents:

  • The GOST R Conformity Certificate;
  • The GOST R Conformity Declaration;
  • The Certificate of conformity to technical regulations;
  • The Declaration of conformity to technical regulations;
  • Declarations and Certificates of conformity to technical regulations of the Customs Union;
  • Radiofrequency equipment imports permit (RFC statement);
  • The Fire Safety Certificate and the Fire Declaration of Conformity;
  • The Certificate of State Registration;
  • The Refusal Letter;
  • The Resolution of export control;
  • Resolutions of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (Second-hand goods; Assessment; Customs Commodity Code);
  • The Resolution of content of ozone-depleting substances.

We also offer assistance in phyto-sanitary and veterinary control.