STERH Corporation provides storage services for British American Tobacco

The cause of a restructuring in the company’s logistics is the expansion of production at the factory in St. Petersburg.

British American Tobacco has signed a contract for the storage of products within Sterh Corporation’s warehouse in Osinovaya Roshcha Logopark. Dmitry Fadeev, the Head of Warehousing Department of British American Tobacco Russia, says that in this year volumes of the three warehouses in St. Petersburg will be consolidated at the new warehouse in Osinovaya Roshcha Logopark.

Mr. Fadeev says, "The new warehouse will store the products manufactured by a St. Petersburg’s plant. Sterh Corporation’s Logopark is the new distribution center, from which cargoes will be shipped to all regions of Russia. Consolidating storage on one area will simplify our supply chain, and location of warehouse close to the factory will optimize logistics".