Corporation's structure

Managing Company "STERH" Corporation

It provides efficient management, centralized control and coordination of the subdivisions’ work.

Customs clearance

"TEKTUM", customs broker (Certificate of entry in the Register of customs brokers № 0106/00)

"RITUS", customs broker (Certificate of entry in the Register of customs brokers № 0748/00)

  • Baltic customs;
  • Saint-Petersburg Customs;
  • Pulkovo customs;
  • Vyborg customs;
  • Kingisepp customs;
  • Central Excise Customs.

Freight forwarding and Transport services

"SZTK ViSt", trucking company;

"KONTEX", forwarding company;

"MKM", forwarding company.

They offer a range of logistics services inside and outside of Russian Federation.

Transport and Logistics Terminal

Among Logopark’s services are:

  • Storage within dry, reefer and versatile warehouses.
  • Warehousing of cars.
  • Handling of goods.
  • Lease of offices.

Customs Terminal "PARGOLOVSKIY TLK"

The terminal provides services:

  • Bonded and customs storage services.
  • Veterinary and phytosanitary control.

Container Yard "CONQUEST", LLC

The multimodal container terminal works with Export-Import cargoes and dedicates for handling of bulk cargoes during transshipment between container ships and land vehicles.