Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding Transshipment Customs transit

STERH Corporation is experienced forwarder, known for high speed and unchanging efficiency of cargoes handling.

The Corporation offers to its clients full range of forwarding services: organize and conducts cargo carriage by different types of transport, transships cargoes through the port, provides handling, safekeeping and documentary support. Our company settles all issues that appears during the transportation and manages well co-ordinated work of all participants of the process.

Among forwarding services there are:

  • Intra-port forwarding in St.Petersburg Sea Port;
  • Reloading;
  • Customs transit;
  • Bonded and non-bonded trucking;
  • Insuring and securing of cargoes.

STERH Corporation has long-term cooperation with state authorities, ocean lines, shipping agents, has contracts with large maritime container terminals and also owns terminal infrastructure.

We control cargo movement step-by-step, and our clients have on-line data access. On demand, an expert assessment of the cargo (counting, weighing, photographing, etc.) is made. The inspection company, licensed to assessment activities, prepares a survey report. In addition, our specialists can insure the cargo and provide security services.

Corporation’s customers trust us. We implement easy and complicated projects and always fulfill faithfully our commitments. The Corporation works with any types of goods and ensures safety and timeliness of transportation.