Customs transit

Customs transit Freight forwarding and trucking Procedure of customs transit

STERH Corporation provides bonded trucking across the Russian Federation territory to the customs body of their destination.

The procedure of Domestic Customs Transit is used mainly for the transportation of foreign goods from the moment of entry to the Russian Federation to the customs for customs clearance. Foreign goods are transported inside the customs territory of the Russian Federation exempt from customs duties and taxes and without introducing any license.

The International Customs Transit is a customs procedure under which foreign goods transit the customs territory of the Russian Federation and transportation begins and ends outside the boundaries of the customs territory of the Russian Federation. Cargoes are trucked without any customs taxes and duties or application of any economic restrictions and prohibitions of economic nature stipulated by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation on the State Regulation of Foreign Trade Activities.

The customs transit of the goods must be preliminary coordinated with the customs body. Transit goods could be reloaded from the vehicle used at the arrival of the goods to the vehicle used at the departure thereof the reloading of the goods shall be admissible with the permission of a customs body.

STERH Corporation strictly complies with the requirements of the customs legislation. We promptly prepare transit documents, coordinate actions with the customs authorities and transport cargo by road or rail clearly and on time. Providing bonded trucking, we ensure the safety of the goods. If it’s necessary, we organize armed escort of goods.