Door-to-door shipments

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Door-to-door shipment lets cargo owners not to worry about stages of transportation. Our company organizes and controls all activities. We have many years of successful solving logistical issues for clients: make routes, involve any necessary transport, including our own, get all the approval documents, coordinate the work of the stevedoring companies and provide customs clearance.

Working with the STERH Corporation as a door-to-door operator, cargo owners minimize risks. It’s because our company has its own fleet of trucks, own container terminals and warehouses. STERH Corporation comprises experienced and professional custom brokers, freight forwarders and transportation department, which is a member of ASMAP with the admission to the TIR procedure.

International door-to-door shipment often includes arranging empty containers and delivery to the Shipper for loading, delivery of containers from the Shipper’s warehouse to the port of shipment, loading cargoes on board the ship, shipment by sea, freight forwarding, execution of documents, customs clearance and delivery of cargo to the warehouse. Also railway or motor transport can be used in door-to-door shipment. The mixed type of the international transportations is the multimodal shipment, when the logistic operator uses different types of transport on all way of a transport corridor with goods overload. Multimodal shipments is often used in door-to-door shipments.

STERH Corporation guarantees high quality of their services. We are guided by our experience and knowledge in logistics and related fields. We comply with the deadlines and agreements, we save time and money of our clients.