International shipments

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St. Petersburg is one of the largest hubs of the Russian Federation. The transport infrastructure contains roads, railways, river and sea transport, airports. This prime location provides wide opportunities for the organization of international shipments.

STERH Corporation for more than 25 years has been working well on the transport services market and fulfills successful international shipments by all types of transport.

The importance of this work can hardly be overestimated, because transport aspects of logistics significantly affect the efficiency of international business. Any way goods have to be delivered from the seller to the buyer and the quality of transport services influences the goods’ price. Hi-quality transportations can significantly reduce the costs and increase the benefits of the cargo trade operations.

Our company uses a complex approach to solving logistic tasks. We combine international shipments with additional services, which simplify the delivery process for cargo owners. We provide transport services by different types of freight transport and also customs clearance, safekeeping and handling of cargoes. We organize certification, insurance and protection of goods; we advise and recommend the best transport operations for our customers.